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"Asterphobia won't -James

[8:05:08 pm] ivan ¬ _ ¬: henry walks into the lunch hall. evreyone is eating. “waht is up my lovely cawmrades” henry sits next to robin. everyeon stares at henry they are confuse. what is a ccawermade? only robin underknows. h e laughs along with henry what a true cawmrade

[9:32:46 pm] ah!!: [aster voice] fuck community. fuck your community. fuck my community. death to all

1:22:00 pm] ఠ_ఠ: teenagers are scary u kno
[1:22:05 pm] nyx: yeah *looks at hands* terrifying
[1:22:24 pm] ఠ_ఠ: [aster voice] i’m so fucked up

[23:18:13] ah!!: aster stop stabbing books
[23:18:15] !!!!! [aster]: no

[5:34:19 pm] juniper: once i met a cisboy. he opened his mouth to speak to me and i was immediately struck with fear.ive never felt so afraid…i saw my life flash before my eyes in that moment, and his voice sent shivers down my spine


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